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A lawn leaf vacuum is a great device to have in the autumn. Such a vacuum can assist you in ridding your lawn of unwanted debris in a fourth of the time it would take for you to do the same job with a standard rake. Instead of merely blowing leaves off your yard and into your neighbor's they suck up leaves so you do not have to worry about gathering them and putting them into bags for disposal. If you have one or more trees in your yard these devices are fantastic and will make your yard look great in a manner of minutes. yard work in North Houston, TX. yard work in North Houston, TX. There is more than one kind of lawn leaf vacuum you can buy.

Hand held vacuum
With this sort you have a rod hooked up to a hose. This sucks up the leaves and other items and puts them into a holding bin, which is connected to the motor. These are great for either home or business use. They work better in drier conditions and may be unsuitable for damp yards. On Amazon you can find this product for $150.

Tow behind vacuum
This powerful tool can pick up almost anything on your lawn from leaves to sticks to clumps of dead grass. This item is towed behind your vehicle and will really make cleaning your land a snap. Prices are between $1400-$2500.

Self propelled
These models function somewhat like a lawnmower. You have it out in front of you and as it goes over leaves they are sucks into the machine and put into the holding bag, which you can easily dump out when full. This type of lawn leaf vacuum sells for approximately $750-1400.

With the wide variety of technology out there to help you there is no reason to use old fashioned rakes anymore. Make your yard work in North Houston, TX easier with some leaf blowers.

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